ElectrifyingElectrifying Golf

Our revolutionary smart flagstick and mobile app turn par-3s into heart-pounding games of skill with epic prize money, ball-to-hole distance detection, and Tour-quality highlight videos of every shot.

Precision pays off

Amateur golfers 18+ years old can win epic prize money for Gimmes and Aces. Gimmes are tee shots that finish 3’ or less from the hole. Aces are hole-in-ones. Read the complete game rules here.

Ace prize
Gimme prize
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Your highlight reel

Whether you knock it close or in the water, every SmartPin shot is captured from tee to green to create a Tour-quality highlight video that’s ready to share in minutes.

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Multiple courses


Carter Murchison

Santa Rosa G&BC


Aaron Sorenson

The Refuge GC

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Electrify your course

SmartPin is a no-cost, revenue-generating machine that electrifies the on-course experience and turns your players into social media influencers driving course awareness with their highlight videos.